@hivefinex and @steemfinex services will end on 20 June 2020 3pm UTC. Thank you for using services. Stay safe!

SWAP.HIVE => HIVE is now also supported! (HIVE => SWAP.HIVE is not ready, sending HIVE, you'll get HIVEP.)

Asset Start fee Waiting discount / hour @hivefinex finex
HIVE 0.35% 0.005%
HIVEP 0.20% 0.005%
SWAP.HIVE 0.25% 0.005%
Min fee: 0.005 HIVE/HIVEP.
Powered by @blockchainstudio

The longer you wait, the lower fee you get!

@hivefinex is the Hive version of @steemfinex. For STEEM/STEEMP exchanges, please visit

How to use @hivefinex?

Just send HIVE/HIVEP/SWAP.HIVE to @hivefinex. So simple!
- If you want to exchange HIVE for HIVEP, send HIVE to @hivefinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours)
- If you want to exchange HIVEP for HIVE, send HIVEP to @hivefinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours).

- If you want to exchange SWAP.HIVE for HIVE, send SWAP.HIVE to @hivefinex (with an optional memo for waiting time in hours).

If you visit, then you can see the balance of @hivefinex and yours, and you can also send HIVE/HIVEP with keychain or hivesigner. Of course, you can use any transfer method you like.


This service is extremely experimental. Use it at your own risk. @hivefinex and anyone related do not have any responsiblity for any loss.

- To prevent spam, the minimum amount is 1 HIVE/HIVEP, any amount less than that will be donated. No exception.

- @hivefinex is only for HIVE/HIVEP and @steemfinex is only for STEEM/STEEMP
Please be careful when you send your tokens. Wrong transfers may be refunded manually with a signficant delay with a fee of 25 HIVE/P (STEEM/P). Any wrong transfers less than the fee will not be refunded. No exception.

Memo (optional) waiting time in hours

- default: 5 minutes. max: 1 week (168 hours)
Enter number only
- e.g., "10" : 10 hours, "0.5": 30 minutes